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Don't give Up on Your Building – With RCx, The Odds are in Your Favor

Retro Commissioning (RCx) or Existing Building Cx – simply applies the commissioning process to buildings and systems that haven't been commissioned before. Unlike new construction commissioning, RCx often includes an energy performance study, which produces a list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's) so owners can make no cost and/or cost-effective upgrades to their equipment/systems. (Learn more about the RCx Process)

This is no bluff!

Here are the benefits of commissioning your
existing building with TMCx Solutions:

  • With over 213 Retro Commissioning projects under our belt, you'll get some of the most comprehensive experience in the business.
  • Our philosophy is to work with what you have. This means you won't be purchasing new equipment or BAS systems unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • The depth and breadth of the TMCx Team's field experience provides you immediate low or no/cost corrective actions with just a simple facility walkthrough and access to the BAS. Your energy consumption and bottom line are improved without expensive energy modeling and analysis.
  • The TMCx Team of Energy Engineers have been involved with energy analysis and conservation since 1982, with experience in modeling, equest, and ASHRAE Levels I & II Auditing which means the list of Energy Conservation Measures provided to you are thorough and accurate.
  • TMCx has coordinated over 100 projects that integrate new central plants into existing building systems and/or remodels. This experience ensures a smooth and optimal transition when purchasing large equipment and integrating it into existing systems is necessary. You'll get fewer vendor call backs, which saves your bottom line.


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