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Ongoing Cx - It's in your cards.

One sure way to guarantee your building continues to function optimally is to have it commissioned regularly, or what we refer to as Ongoing Commissioning. A building is a lot like a body. It is made up of complicated systems and many pieces of equipment that must work together to achieve optimal performance. Everyone knows, that it makes sound physical and fiscal sense to get regular preventive health checks for your body. And it makes sense for your building as well.

Your building determines the frequency of on-going commissioning. Much like our bodies, if your building is optimally tuned and relatively young, then a walk-through and analysis of your BAS (Building Automation System) may be all you need annually. If your building's systems are complicated and have suffered from major issues, then a more comprehensive check-up may be desired.


When you stay in the game, the pot only grows, as these benefits for on-going commissioning with TMCx Solutions show:

  • TMCx Solutions trains all of the field staff to problem-solve from a big picture perspective; to track back from the symptom through the entire system. This process ensures that small issues, often ignored or undetected are found, preventing them from becoming serious and costly to you.
  • When TMCx completes our initial commissioning or retro-commissioning process with you, we have made sure your building is "Healthy," with less risk of requiring expensive repairs, saving you money.
  • A side-note to Healthy buildings is they produce "healthy" employees, increasing productivity and reducing sick time, making your bottom line healthier.
  • TMCx has a suite of solutions that support commissioning, so our regular commissioning check-up can be more comprehensive, allowing us to examine various systems in detail, if required, which means you're saving money in the short and long terms.
  • Having TMCx as the independent 'eye' on your building, check-up after check-up, is like having a family doctor. You save time, because we know your building's history and won't require re-testing to set a base-line. Often the same team that commissioned your building will be back for the check-up. You can trust that we know your systems and will spot issues quickly. All of which, increases your bottom line.

Since 1998, TMCx Solutions has provided owners with documented confirmation of energy improvements, and we make certain your facilities' systems and operating environments function optimally and meet your facility requirements. Our experience on over 1200 projects of varying sizes and industries ensures that our building "check-ups" identify issues that may become big and provide the correct treatment to manage them.


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