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Life Safety Solutions –
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The TMCx Life Safety Solutions Team is proactive, not reactive about your safety – whether they are recertifying your smoke control systems or providing an analysis on handling your hazardous material.

Remember: The building code requires the property owner or owner's representative to retain the special inspection agency. The International Fire Code provides the minimum requirements on the frequency for re-testing the mechanical smoke control systems.

With TMCx, you have quality safety solutions at your table. No need to go to another source for the most comprehensive Safety Benefits available:

  • TMCx has degreed Fire Protection Engineers on staff, who have acted as the Special Inspection Agent for the AHJ. We know what it takes for your smoke control systems to pass inspection. With TMCx, you get time – so you can open on schedule, don't waste anything to "figure it out" – all of which, gains time, which, of course, equals money.
  • We have NICET certified staff in Fire Alarms, providing you demonstrated expertise. Also, many government projects require NICET oversight and other projects may require the fire alarm design be stamped by NICET.
  • The TMCx Life Safety Team is proficient at reviewing initial designs, identifying issues, and working as a team to increase your safety from design through opening. You'll receive early intervention to keep your project on time and budget.


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Safety doesn't happen by accident. . . and, neither did the TMCx Life Safety Solutions Team.

Our TMCx Life Safety team provides services beyond the usual mechanical smoke control and fire alarm system commissioning that are great to have up your sleeve:

  • Construction Management for Fire Protection from design review through preparing the team and building for the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) tests.
  • Test Smoke Control Systems to ensure they comply with all codes.
  • Re-Certify Fire Alarms to comply with NICET.
  • Analyze Hazardous Material Design and Removal Plans.
  • Act as the Special Inspection Agent when appointed by the AHJ.
  • Act as Special Suppression Agents and conduct gas system inspections.
  • Consult on general fire protection measures.