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Building Envelope – Your Trump Card!

Large amounts of wasted energy can go unidentified with more traditional forms of energy analysis. In many buildings, air-leakage is the source of large drains on energy-efficiency. An Air Barrier Test and a thermagraphy survey on your building envelope is the starting solution that points you to cost-effective energy efficiency improvements. Building envelope analysis goes hand in hand with energy analysis and modeling, but is often overlooked when the focus is directed exclusively at equipment performance and system integration.

This may be the opportune time to play your Trump Card with TMCx.
Look at how you'll win:

  • The TMCx team diagnoses building envelope issues fulfilling USCOE's building envelope leakage test protocol and using our thermography and blower door fans and equipment, so you get proven field troubleshooting experience with HVAC systems, energy analysis and building envelope with one source.
  • Our fans are integrated and automatic, giving you the most accurate information about your building envelope.
  • Once we've pinpointed, documented, and calculated the areas of air infiltration and heat loss, you are able to better assess if you need to spend the money on additional energy analysis, such as a model.
  • A detailed thermography survey of your pressurized building envelope gives you more information on how to increase your energy efficiency and bottom line.
  • Our attention to energy issues means we can analyze your thermography survey to identify areas with damaged, inadequate, or missing insulation, which once replaced, adds to your bottom line.
  • For your new construction and when extensive renovation is required, we'll conduct design reviews that ensure your project requirements are being met, so you are able to capitalize on your energy efficiency.

We have documented success at assisting the US Army Corp of Engineers with translating lessons learned from one building (with faulty air barrier and insulation types) to other identical buildings. We reviewed the design and made specific suggestions to avert the issues discovered in the first building. This resulted in new buildings with different air barriers and insulation that function optimally, with little air/heat leakage and high energy efficiency.

We make certain your building envelope, facility systems and operating environments function in unison and optimally to meet your facility requirements.






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