B.E.S.T. Training


Stack the Deck in Your Favor
with TMCx's B.E.S.T

(Building Engineer System Training)

C.S.I (Complaint Scene Investigators) Problem Solving Process

"It's too hot!It's too cold!"

Tired of getting the same ol' complaints?

Take the Mystery out of your Building Systems by
providing the Complaint Scene Investigation
problem-solving training your O&M Staff.


This unique 2 day training teaches up to 20 participants to:

  • Learn that observations, not assumptions, are key in problem-solving
  • Respond to complaints by solving building system Problems, not fixing the Symptoms
  • Engage in a process that demands hands-on and minds-on interaction to become a Complaint Scene Investigator
  • Use the skills of a Detective to study the evidence and grill the suspects in your building's systems to solve complaints.


When you stack the deck in your favor with our B.E.S.T. CSI Training, you'll gain instant results:

  • This training curriculum was developed by degreed and experienced educators who understand how adults learn, and more importantly, how to engage them. Your O&M staff will actively participate and apply the problem-solving process within the first hour of training and long after the training is finished.
  • The TMCx trainers are skilled working with groups and promoting team building, so your O&M staff will be able to identify resources and feel comfortable calling on them to solve problems after the training, making for more efficient problem-solving.
  • TMCx developed this as a "big picture' training, so at the end, you have an O&M staff ready to solve your building's issues by gathering all of the evidence, examining it, checking with resources, and critically thinking them through, so you'll get fewer complaints and real resolution to issues.
  • In the CSI training, O&M staff use blueprints, specs, and sequences of operation to build a model of your building's systems, which provides instruction and reassurance in utilizing these tools, as well as giving them a comprehensive grasp of the systems. All of this will increase the effectiveness of identifying issues and resolving them, minimizing complaints.


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