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Your Problem: New Building Construction that is Performing Poorly
Our Solution: TMCx Total Building Commissioning

We provide independent third-party commissioning of mechanical, electrical, climate control, security, fire, and life safety systems. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning for LEED
  • Existing Building Commissioning for LEED
  • Design reviews and review of Owner's Project Requirements and Basis of Design
  • Commissioning of MEP and control systems
  • Life safety and specialty systems
  • Thorough field documentation, and comprehensive, concise final reports that verify equipment operation compared to the sequence of design, reliably document the baseline functioning standards for equipment, and aid in future troubleshooting of operational and comfort issues.

Your Problem: Inadequate cooling and high energy costs
Our Solution: TMCx Retro Commissioning (Existing Building Cx) and Analysis

We all need periodic health tune-ups and so do our buildings. This solution positively impacts your energy costs and keeps your building on track to perform throughout its life. The objective of existing building commissioning is to determine if the performance criteria of the building systems and equipment are being satisfactorily met. This is accomplished by:

  • Investigating the current building performance by gathering data through various means
  • Analyzing the data with the goal to meet the owner's project requirements
  • Presenting no cost/low cost recommendations in order to meet this goal
  • Testing the functionality of the systems and equipment after implementation of recommendations

Your Problem: Expensive service contractors with expensive solutions
Our Solution: TMCx On-Going Building Commissioning and Analysis

Everyone knows preventive measures are far more cost-effective than attending to issues after the fact. Having your building commissioned on a regular schedule ensures the early resolution of issues. We recommend commissioning your building every other year. This process will:

  • Test your equipment and systems to ensure they meet your operational requirements
  • Extend the life of your systems and building performance
  • Optimize your O&M resources

Your Problem: High utility bills
Our Solution: TMCx Energy Analysis & Recommendations

We have assembled a team of energy experts with more than 20 years of experience in:

  • Identifying inefficient use of electricity, natural gas, and water
  • Analysis and modeling of a facility's energy use
  • Measurement and verification of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Providing cost-effective, low or no-cost operations & maintenance recommendations for improving energy efficiency
  • Calculating potential energy savings for all operational and capital recommendations
  • Developing accurate implementation cost estimates for recommended improvements
  • Determining life-cycle economic benefit
  • Generating baseline and alternative energy models using eQuest (DOE 2.2) or other approved energy modeling software
  • Understanding ASHRAE energy standards and local utility rebate programs
  • Title 24 analysis and documentation (CA)
  • Managing the implementation of energy-efficient retrofits

Your Problem: Your project requires time-consuming LEED certification
Our Solution: TMCx LEED Consulting

There is often confusion on managing the LEED certification process and its extensive documentation. We have the expertise to coordinate and navigate the complexities of the LEED Rating System. Under our coordination, we ensure each player completes their piece of the LEED puzzle, removing the burden from the design/build team by:

  • Registering your project with the USGBC/GBCI for certification on your behalf
  • Organizing and preparing complete LEED submittal documentation
  • Coordinating with all parties to ensure achievement of the highest possible LEED certification level for the project
  • Tracking the project's progress from registration through final award
  • Even if your project doesn't require LEED certification, our additional services help environmentally-conscious clients with:
  • Efficient, sustainable strategies in the construction of "LEED-like" buildings
  • Building Automation System consulting

Your Problem: You're Required to Provide Building Envelope Testing
Our Solution: TMCx Certified Air Barrier Testing

Our ability to test and trouble-shoot building envelope issues typically results in both increased building performance and improved occupant comfort. Building envelope analysis goes hand in hand with energy analysis and modeling, but is often overlooked when the focus is directed exclusively at equipment performance and system integration. Our expertise in this area includes:

  • Diagnosing building envelope issues using thermography, blower door fans, and other proven, non-invasive technologies
  • Pinpointing, documenting, and prioritizing areas of air/moisture infiltration, as well as heat loss
  • Verifying areas with damaged, inadequate, or missing insulation
  • Detailed thermography survey of pressurized building envelope
  • Fulfilling USCOE's building envelope leakage test protocol
  • Conducting design reviews
  • Calculating the energy and cost impacts of building envelope issues

Your Problem: Downtime is not an option for your critical building
Our Solution: TMCx UPtime Electrical Reliability Testing

Because we operate independently from equipment manufacturers, we have no conflict of interest when testing your electrical systems, trouble-shooting issues, and identifying the source of the problem. Our testing personnel have more than 35 years of electrical testing experience, as well as NICET/NETA-equivalent certifications. They are skilled at:

  • Electrical acceptance and reliability testing
  • Electrical preventative maintenance
  • Power quality measurement and evaluation
  • Infrared thermography and evaluation
  • Electrical coordination and arc fault studies
  • Functional performance testing of critical electrical equipment such as UPS systems, generators, ATS, Switchgear
  • Functional verification of electrical controls and notification systems
  • Performing testing in accordance with NETA, NEMA, and IEEE recommended standards

Your Problem: Rigorous life safety & fire inspection requirements
Our Solution: TMCx Life Safety Consulting & Plan Check Services

Safety doesn't happen by accident. Building code compliance demands comprehensive life safety inspections. We are qualified to provide the following services:

  • Review of design documents for cost benefit analysis and code compliance
  • Egress analysis
  • Hazardous material analysis
  • Life safety construction management services
  • Acting as the authority having jurisdiction for fire alarm and suppression systems, shop drawings, and submittal reviews
  • Independent inspection of fire alarm, sprinkler, and chemical agent and special hazard suppression systems
  • Special inspection services for mechanical smoke control systems
  • Fire Department self-contained breathing air systems (SCBA) inspection services

Your Problem: HVAC Complaints Are Not Solved
Our Solution: TMCx Training Staff on Problem-Solving Techniques

Much time and effort went into the design, construction, and upkeep of your building. How can you sustain your building's performance over time? For that, you need a well-trained O&M staff – one that can apply critical thinking and problem-solving techniques to your building systems. The TMCx groundbreaking BEST (Building Engineer Systems Training), which addresses that need through:

  • An interactive training environment featuring hands-on techniques such as model-building, drawing, and team interaction
  • Scenarios that teach critical thinking and investigative skills, and help O&M staff learn to diagnose and solve real-world building problems
  • A process that takes the mystery out of solving chronic building complaints, by solving a mystery!