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Premiere Retro Cx/Energy Project: John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital,
Phoenix, Arizona - 2010

jcl deer valley

Project Description: This 450,000-square-foot, 5-floor not-for-profit community hospital contains 203-beds and features all private rooms for comfort and convenience. The hospital has received honors for establishing and deploying fundamental quality systems within their operations, as well as attaining high levels of performance excellence process implementation.

Scope of Work: TMCx was hired to perform retro-commissioning services (RCx) that identified and documented cost savings and improvements to operations and maintenance practices. This project included a review of the current energy consumption and capacities based on past utility bills. For Benchmarking, the utility consumption history information was compared to similarly occupied hospitals in the locality. A thorough review of the existing system performance included field verification of the air flow, chilled water, and heating water rates for the selected air handling units, and an evaluation of the controls system and of the sequence of operations – essential to the identification and repair of operational and controls problems that don’t jeopardize comfort. The information was distilled to an extensive list of energy conservation measures or ECMs. The ECMs were selected to decrease energy use, maintain health and comfort conditions, and make the systems easier to operate and maintain. The ECMs were then analyzed for gas and electric consumption savings, retrofit cost estimates and economic payback. In addition to the energy savings opportunities listed below, TMCx also identified multiple Facilities Improvement Measures, which when addressed, resulted in immediate improved operations and maintenance efficiency.

Commissioning Results:  TMCx identified over $150,000 of energy savings per year with an overall simple payback of 2.5 years.

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