LEED Commissioned Projects (423 projects)



Premiere LEED Project: Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, Crownpoint, New Mexico,
Certified LEED Platinum - 2012

ntua crownpoint

Project Description:  This new office complex is a 7,497-square-foot single-story facility housing utility-based offices and support.

Scope of Work:  TMCx completed LEED Fundamental and Enhanced commissioning. The mechanical and climate control systems commissioned included chilled water, heating, and air handling. The Design Review phase for this project was accomplished in June of 2011. All design issues were addressed prior to the issuance of the final construction plan set.

Examples of Problems and How Resolved:  In the Exhaust and Specialty Ventilation Systems, TMCx found that the building relief fans were not responding to the building static pressure. The BAS controls for this system were found to be malfunctioning and required repair as well. While testing the Air Handling Unit, it was noted that the filter differential pressure sensor had not been installed. This sensor was installed prior to final commissioning and was found to be functioning correctly. In addition, a huge cost savings issue was discovered while investigating the plumbing. The thermal mixing valve was not functioning correctly. It was determined that the piping to this unit was not correct. Finding this issue at a later time would have been costly to the owner.

Commissioning Results: TMCx identified 10 design issues, 10 electrical systems issues, and 21 mechanical systems issues that have all been resolved successfully.

ARIZONA – 131 Featured Projects, including:
  • Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino
  • The Reserve at San Tan, Gilbert
  • Arizona Game & Fish HQ (Platinum) 
  • City of Tucson Fire Station 22 (Gold) 
  • ASU Cronkite School of Journalism (Silver)
NEVADA – 44 Featured Projects, including:
  • Regional Justice Center, 3rd floor renovation – EBOM – in progress 
  • Lied Regional Animal Campus (Silver)
  • VA Satellite Outpatient Clinic
CALIFORNIA – 64 Featured Projects, including:
  • Los Angeles Harbor Police Station (Gold)
  • Cedars-Sinai Health Science, Los Angeles
  • Caltech Annenberg Center, Pasadena (Gold)
 NEW MEXICO REGION  90 Featured Projects, including:
  • General Mills Endor Cx (Gold)
  • Desert Willow Family School, Albuquerque (Silver)
  • Lockheed Martin SOSC, CO (Gold)
  • University of Denver, Nagel Hall, CO (Gold)