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Premiere Public Project: Los Alamos National Laboratory - Radiological Laboratory Utility Office Building (RLUOB)
Los Alamos, New Mexico, 2011

lanl rluobProject Description:  This is a five-story, 20,000-square-foot nuclear support structure composed of a central command center for future defense programs, office for CMRR personnel, training center, and laboratory research facilities.

Scope of Work:  TMCx provided commissioning of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems associated with office areas, laboratory ventilation systems, central plant, and laboratory process systems.

Challenges & Successes: TMCx's project manager worked with a constantly changing construction schedule to complete commissioning, while maintaining a rigid NQA-1 quality assurance standard for nuclear facilities. The last month on the project required extreme pre-planning and coordination to ensure sufficient security personnel were available while we conducted our testing, to accommodate tightened security. Due to the make-up of the building construction, communication between the head end (operator work stations) and the field testing team proved a challenge, because two-way radios and cell phones wouldn't function. We adapted by constructing temporary land-line communications between the teams.

The projects's testing documentation requirements did not follow any federal or industry standard, resulting in customized performance tests that required scrutiny and approval prior to conducting field tests. To meet timelines, we adapted by generating a custom library of tests which reduced review and approval times.

Commissioning Results: TMCx identified 268 mechanical issues and 96 electrical issues.

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