Featured Project

 Featured Project: FBI Headquarters
Phoenix, Arizona, 2012



Project Description:  Opening in spring 2012, this $55M building became the main field office for Arizona's federal authorities, who have seven regional offices across the state.

Project Size: 210,200 square feet, 5 floors

Scope of Work: TMCx provided LEED Fundamental and Enhanced commissioning on the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as the emergency power distribution system. We performed an Integrated Test (IT) which disconnects the utility power and verifies both electrical and mechanical systems operate as intended.

Challenges & Successes: Included a constantly changing environment around the OPR, which made for an interesting project. For a critical facility, it is imperative that the MEP systems are coordinated to encounter failure modes and respond according to design. TMCx spent much time verifying component alarm parameters and coordinating with the MEP contractors to ensure that during a worst-case scenario (complete power outage), the systems would continue to operate. The final event was an Integrated Test where we pulled the plug on the utility power and verified the continued operation of the facility. This was done successfully without issue. In addition, several areas within the building have small tolerance for fluctuation in temperature, humidity, and air flow. This required us to continuously monitor the environment and make small modifications to maintain the space integrity.

Commissioning Results: TMCx identified 47 mechanical issues.