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SWC Wellness And Aquatic Complex

SWC Wellness And Aquatic Complex, Chula Vista, CA

Project Description:

The Wellness Center includes a gymnasium and pool complex and is to replace the current gymnasium and support structures. The current building was aging and no longer meet the instructional and intercollegiate athletic needs for facilities. The new facility will house Olympic swimming Pools, competitive gymnasium, fitness labs, cardio-workout rooms, training and testing rooms, offices, locker rooms and classrooms.

Scope of Work:

TMCx Solutions was contracted to complete LEED Enhanced commissioning of the 3-story Complex. The Design Review Phase started in August 2015, with two complete design reviews with a back check were conducted with completion in February 2017. Submittal Reviews commenced in October 2016 and included review of the major mechanical systems. Pre-Functional site visits started in February 2017. The Commissioning Kick-Off meeting was held on September 2016 with periodic meetings held throughout the project. Functional Testing was completed December 2017.


Air Handling Units

Exhaust Fans

Constant Air Volume boxes w/reheat

Variable Air Volume boxes w/reheat

Split Systems with indoor and outdoor units

Plumbing Units

Electrical Units.

Plumbing – Condensate Pumps

Project Snapshot

  •  Owner: Southwestern College
  •  Project Size:  75,000 sq. ft.
  •  Construction Cost:  $56.8M
  •  GC: Balfour Beatty
  • Year of Completion:  2018

Challenges and Successes

  • DESIGN REVIEW ISSUE: Make up air to the pool equipment room #160 is via door louvers, however the air flow path will “short circuit” directly to the exhaust duct. Has the provision of using a dedicated fan and or duct to distribute the make up air throughout the space been considered?      RESOLUTION: The exhaust will be balanced for even flow across the room.
  • ISSUE: During functional testing it was observed that the OSA temperature sensor was not connected. System does not have an OSA sensor. System will be communicating with central plant OSA sensor. Functional testing associated with OSA temperatures was completed overriding a dummy OSA temperature reading.
    RESOLUTION: OSA temperature was linked from the central plant. Correct link and operation was verified by TMCx.