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SRPMIC Way Of Life Center

SRPMIC Way of Life Center, Scottsdale AZ

Project Description:

WOLF celebrated its grand opening in March 2018. The 119,000 sq. ft., two-story community center includes a natatorium, indoor gymnasiums, indoor running track, fitness space, full-service kitchen with dining area, and office and classroom space. In addition, the 14.3-acre site has a skate park, baseball and soccer fields, BBQ stations, restrooms, spray ground, and play areas.

Scope of Work:

TMCx was retained by the Community to provide LEED Enhanced Commissioning, including design review, submittal review, execution of pre-functional checklists and functional testing procedures, and operational follow-up prior to warranty expiration.

Project Snapshot

  • Owner: SRPMIC
  • Project Size: 115,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost: $30M
  • GC: Maydall Construction
  • Year of Completion: 2018


  • Chilled Water System, including water cooled chiller, cooling tower, and distribution pumps.
  • Air Handling Units
  • Building Exhaust
  • Temperature/ Humidity Control
  • Lighting Controls
  • Domestic Hot Water System

Challenges and Successes

  • Issue: The contract drawings included a sequence to reset tower water temperature based on O/A wet bulb temperature. This sequence was written for the Carrier chillers, once proposed.

          Resolution: After consulting with the chiller rep., an “adjustable” set point of approx. 80 deg was recommended. The Engineer of Record accepted our recommendation.  This results in the proper sequencing and operation of the Smart chiller with increased energy savings.

  • Issue: with AHU’s 1.2 and 3 return air dampers. The manufacturer changed voltage from 0 to 10v to 2 to 10 v, for proper operation but still experienced dampers being “stuck” in the closed position.

          Resolution: AHU’s 1, 2 and 3 continued to have issues with return air dampers “sticking” open and the manufacturer replaced actuators with a Belimo product. This corrected the on-going issue.