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Rowan ES, Los Angeles, CA

Rowan ES, Los Angeles, CA

Project Description:

RowanElementary School is aPre-Kindergarten through5thgrade school. Built in 1965, it has undergone a variety ofmodernization projects. This most recent one is the addition ofaone 2-story, totaling 51,000 sf.These new buildinghouseclassroomsand administrative rooms.

Scope of Work:

TMCx was contracted bytheLos Angeles UnifiedSchool District to providecommissioning field testing forthe school.The scopeincluded the FundamentalCommissioning and Enhanced Commissioningservices as required forCBC Title 24. Wecommissioned thefollowing systems, including allcomponents andcontrols

Project Snapshot

  • Owner: Los Angeles USD
  • Project Size: 51,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost: $3.2M
  • GC: NSA Construction
  • Year of Completion: 2018


  • Central Air Handling Units
  • Condensing Units
  • Heat Pumps Units
  • Split System Fan Coil Units

Challenges and Successe

  • Issue: Air handler 6.1 is not supplied with a filter status per sheet M5.5 detail 2.

          Resolution: LAUSD has accepted a runtime alarm for the filter.

  • Issue: The split system fan coil units are unable to control all needed sequences from the BAS. Only theschedule is being controlled. The setpoint adjustments are from the Mitsubishi Touch Screen only. Thesetpoints for these units are a single setpoint for heating/cooling. The sequence of operations requires aheating and a cooling setpoint (70-74).

          Resolution: Climatec to work with Mitsubishi directly to resolve. LAUSD M&O has accepted thesingle point set. Climated has added a 2 degree deadband for htg/clg to initiate.