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Regional Justice Center

Regional Justice Center, Las Vegas, NV

Project Description:

Previous construction/improvement projects in the RJC with the scope in Air and Water Balance have been completed. This third Phase to these ongoing improvements are items that are in need of replacement as identified during the previous projects. This current scope has been identified as either critical or items that will greatly increase the operation/maintenance and efficiency for the building and its many visitors and employees.

Scope of Work:

Smoke Control retesting of 100% of building. This project will enhance the operation and efficiencies of the existing HVAC system while also make needed repairs and replacements of vital operational items; such as: Air Handler dampers, BACNET controls, PIC valve replacements and the addition of Flow Control valves at the coils.

Project Snapshot

  • Owner: Clark County RPM
  • Project Size:  717,000 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost:  $25M
  • GC: US Mechanical
  • Year of Completion:  2020


  • Mechanical (HVAC) equipment/systems, related DDC system/Building Automation System
  • Electrical System components as related to the mechanical system(s)
  • Plumbing (Domestic Heating Water) System components
  • Smoke Control systems throughout the building.

Challenges and Successes

  • Issue: TMCx witnessed AH-2 OSA damper is missing linkage rod on 1 of the 5 damper sections.

          Resolution: Mechanical contactor installed new damper rods at the outside air damper sections, TMCx verified operations with control contractor and test & balance contractor that we have required minimum outside air for court rooms.

  • Issue: TMCx witnessed existing AHU Supply Fans have existing Mitsubishi VFDs that are not setting up in fire mode and VFD key pad function keys are not disabling during smoke control scenarios.

          Resolution: Owner replaced old VFDs with new ABB VFD, drives are now configuring correctly when system is calling for fire mode during smoke control configuration.