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Monte Carlo Concert Hall

Monte Carlo Concert Hall

Project Description:

TMCx Solutions, LLC was contracted by MGM Resorts International Design to provide Green Globes commissioning for the Monte Carlo Concert Hall project. This project is a 158774 square foot 4-story space located at Las Vegas, NV

Scope of Work:

TMCx conducted functional testing and pre-functional test verifications of Chilled Water System, Heating System, Air Handling System, Ventilation Systems, Terminal Units, Plumbing, Electrical. In addition, we witnessed major equipment start-ups; assisted with test and balance report verification; and organized and developed project documentation as required to document the Commissioning process.

Project Snapshot

  • Owner: MGM Resorts International
  • Project Size:  158,774 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost:  $34M
  • GC: Martin Harris Construction
  • Year of Completion: 2017


  • Chilled Water System – CHW Distribution System, Secondary Chilled Water Pump, Heat Exchange
  • Heating System – HHW Distribution System, Secondary Heating Water Pump, HHW Heat Exchanger
  • Air Handling System – Air Handling Unit
  • Ventilation Systems – Exhaust Fan, Supply Fan, Duct Coil – Hydronic
  • Terminal Units – Fan Coil Unit – Hydronic
  • Plumbing – Water Heater – Electric, Recirc Pump, Condensate Pump, Sump Pump

Challenges and Successes

  • Issue: The CW and HW secondary DP stations located at AH-4 and AH-5 were bypassed because they were not installed correctly. If the hydronic control valves close then the DP stations sense no flow and this in turn ramps the pumps up because of a false reading. The systems are currently being controlled by the local DP sensors located in the pump room.      Resolution: Monitoring/controlling the hydronic systems differential from a secondary sensing location further down the system allows the pump VFD’s to sense and control to a true demand and saves energy by not having the VFD’s ramp unnecessarily.  As a result, the DP stations were installed correctly and its operation verfied by TMCx.
  • Issue: The circulating hot water pump runs continuosly. There does not appear to be a timer installed or any type of control for cycling off the pump. The associated digital conroller for the electric water heater does not appear to have any type of setpoint for the operation of the circulating pump.      Resolution: Properly controlling the On/Off/Running Status of circulating water pumps associated to the actual flow demand/temperature setpoint lengthens the life of the pumpand saves energy by not having to run unnecessarily.  As a result, a timer was installed to control the opeation of the circulating pump.