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28th St. Elementary School

Lausd 28th Street Elementary School Modernization

LAUSD 28th Street Elementary School Modernization

Project Description:

The 28th Street Elementary School main and classroom buildings are being modernized with new HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems to meet current code. The main building is 44,276 sq. ft. The classroom building is 15,034 sq. ft.

Scope of Work:

TMCx was retained by the District to provide commissioning services for new HVAC and EMS equipment and systems to replace deteriorated HVAC mechanical systems. Services include design review and comment, submittal review and comment, and construction and post-occupancy commissioning verification.

Project Snapshot

  • Owner: LA Unified School District
  • Project Size: 59,410 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost: $9M
  • GC: WNG Constrcution
  • Year of Completion: 2020


Systems commissioned includes HVAC (Central Utility Plant, Air handling Units, VAV Terminal Units, Exhaust), Domestic Heating Hot Water, and Electrical Systems

Challenges and Successe

  • During functional testing of phase 1 and 2 it was found that TAB had not balanced the water system for the building to set the differential pressure for the building and for the pumps to operate. This needs to be completed and TAB to calibrate the differential pressure reading. Once the differential pressure is calibrated and corrected, the building pumps will operate at the correct pressure and allow the pumps to slow down to provide water to the units that are currently being used. This will result in energy savings due to lower pumping horsepower.
  • During functional testing it was found that the boiler setpoint is currently set to provide 180 degree water. This does not meet the design intent and needs to be adjusted to provide the correct water temperature.
  • During functional testing it was found that the cooling towers are not functioning correctly to provide the correct water temperature.