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cayote willow school

Coyote Willow Family School

Coyote Willow Family School, Albuquerque NM

Project Description:

Coyote Willow features an exceptional and rare program that combines a half-day of classroom instruction with the remaining education occurring at home. A large Multi-Purpose building was designed to not only host performances and events, but also act as educational space to guide parents along the education process and inform them of the exceptional opportunities the school provides.

Scope of Work:

TMCx provided the Prerequisite Fundamental Commissioning as well as Enhanced Commissioning services as required for a LEED certification. In addition, we witnessed major equipment start-ups; assisted with test and balance report verification; and organized and developed project documentation as required to document the Commissioning process.

Project Snapshot

  • Owner: Albuquerque Public Schools
  • Project Size: 38,500 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost: $8M
  • GC: T.A. Cole and Sons
  • Year of Completion: 2018


  • Water Source Heat Pump Condenser System
  • Heat Recovery Air Handling Units
  • General Exhaust Fans
  • Terminal Units–unit heaters, water source heat pumps, mini split AC units
  • Plumbing–domestic hot water heaters and re-circulation pumps.
  • Lighting–occupancy sensors

Challenges and Successes

  • Issue: During installation verification, a discrepancy was found between the project drawings and field installation. The project drawings show a well field isolation valve and also a heat pump loop bypass valve to be installed as part of the sequence. Different sheets did not show these 2 valves. The 2 valves were not installed and the sequence of operations is incomplete.In addition,the heat pump water loop bypass valve was not installed and programming was not completed.      Resolution: TMCx coordinated with APS and the Engineer of Record on the discrepancy and all valves were installed per contract drawings,programmed, and tested successfully.With the field bypass valve installed it allows the water to bypass the field and recirculate through the building during times when the temperature is within a range to bypass the field. With the loop bypass valve installed it allows the water to bypass the campus if needed if all terminal units are satisfied and the loop differential pressure is too high.
  • Issue: During functional testing, it was found that the ceiling exhaust fans in the restrooms were not being controlled via the occupancy sensor per the mechanical drawings.      Resolution: After coordinating with the Engineer of Record, wiring diagrams for the exhaust fans were provided to accommodate an additional occupancy sensor located within the space and the controls contractor to provide and install. With the occupancy sensor controlling the ceiling exhaust fan it allows the fan only to run when then space is occupied and runs for 15 minutes after occupancy is completed. This will prolong the life of the ceiling fan and also have the fan only run during needed times.