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Adeptus General Hospital

Adeptus General Hospital, Mesa, AZ

Project Description:

A joint venture between Adeptus and Dignity Health, the new Arizona General Hospital features 46 private inpatient rooms, 14 emergency room stations, a surgical suite with four operating rooms of at least 600SF each, four intensive care unit rooms, and diagnostic, administrative and support areas..

Scope of Work:

TMCx Solutions was contracted by Adeptus Health to provide Building Systems Commissioning of the project. The scope of work included design reviews at 50 and 95% design, submittal reviews, functional testing, providing a systems manual, and a 10 month operational follow up.

Project Snapshot

  • Owner:  Adeptus Healthcare
  • Project Size:  93,920 sq. ft.
  • Construction Cost:  $20M
  • GC:  Dig D Construction
  • Year of Completion:  2017


Chilled Water System 

Heating Hot Water System 

Air Handling Units 

Terminal Units 

Occupancy Sensors  

Daylighting Controls 

Plumbing Systems 

Emergency Power Distribution System 

Challenges and Successes

  • Issues: The boiler staging sequence was found to be problematic. One is designated as the master and if shut off, the remaining 2 boilers go in to standby. Loss of redundancy in event of boiler 1 failure is an issue. If any failure occurs in lead boiler, the boiler will continue to control the other two, however, if the lead boiler is powered off, the other two boilers would not operate since they are getting their water temperature set point form the Lead. If lead boiler needs to be powered off for whatever reason, the other two boilers would need to be placed out of the cascade mode and operate on manual set point

          Resolution: The boilers were re-wired for proper cascading and BMS monitoring and control.

  •  Issues: During testing, we found a cross connect in the auto transfer wiring causing a direct short between utility power and generator power, immediately opening winding safeties on generators

          Resolution: The electrical contractor rewired ATS to prevent further issues