Customer Comments


“TMCx Solutions has done a wonderful job for us in ensuring the building is performing as intended at Verrado High School. It is my opinion after using another firm on a project, and interviewing several others, that TMCx Solutions is way out front in the commissioning field."

John Schmadeke
Asst. Superintendent over Operations
Agua Fria High School District


"This training was very thorough and the instructors did a great job presenting this in a way that would interest the staff and keep the staff attentive throughout the training program.

This program was very flexible and my staff skill set varied from professionals to some members who knew nothing of the subject. Even the ones who were knowledgeable learned a lot throughout this training. I really liked that the instructors used hands-on physical application to teach the theory."

Sean Greer, Manager
Banner Desert Medical Center
January 2011

A recently received Customer Satisfaction Survey from Sundt Construction speaks directly about our NM Operations Manager, Jeff Heide, and Texas CxT, Hugo Martinez, regarding their work with Sundt and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. In addition to commissioning, these projects included building envelope:

"I can only say positive remarks about Jeff and Hugo. The team did an excellent job for Sundt . . . and I would highly recommend them to anyone and would want them on my future projects. This team went above and beyond any expectations I had for them."

Sundt Construction


Thanks for staying on top of the testing and checkout and keeping your thumb on all the issues we have experienced.  Had we not contracted you to perform the commissioning, a lot of the bugs we have encountered might have not been noticed until after turnover.  It is exactly for this reason that there is growing emphasis on Commissioning and we appreciate your efforts."

John P. Davies
PE TA-B3B/Facilities Division
Mechanical NASA HQ 3645A2
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899