an-architect-is-the-drawer.jpg's that going for you, anyway?

Wright, Foster, Brown, Hadid, Fuller, Graves, even Gehry -
each of them fashioned functionality into fascinating forms.

As an architect, your unique contribution to the world can
change the face of society. Added regulations make it more
challenging to create the projects you envision and to keep
your owners happy -- let alone for you to shape the look of civilization.


TMCx Solutions Commissioning
Helps Your Dream Come True!

  • You can be creative and confident -- it's our job to understand your design intent
  • Our design review ensures your B.O.D. reflects the Owner's objectives
  • We're on the team in order to make sure design is fully functional

Owners love commissioning!
It’s an economical way to ensure Owner satisfaction.

Is ‘Going Green’ Turning Into
Your Own Worst Nightmare?

Did you know it takes an average of 226 man-hours to
document LEED projects?

No time? TMCx Green was created for you! Add a LEED AP professional to your team who makes going green easy for you
and your client.



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