TMCx Solutions Is Focused On Your Success


Time is money!

No one understands that better than General Contractors, right?

And no one knows better than GC’s that delays, rework,
call backs, and coordination issues are the difference
between a profitable job and "charity work."


You have enough to deal with keeping everything on track. Perhaps you view the Commissioning Agent as just someone else in the mix, who will likely cause more delays and headaches.

Why would anyone in their right mind add yet another layer to an already overburdened process?

Here’s why experienced GC’s like having 
Testmarcx Commissioning Agents on their projects:

TMCx understands and focuses on the Owner’s requirements,
and we are committed to seeing that those requirements are met.

We don't get in your way; we stand beside you to make sure:
  • Schedules are met
  • The right equipment is properly installed
  • Issues are resolved quickly, or avoided altogether by early detection
  • Systems are tested
  • Trades are coordinated
  • The project team is well informed
  • Callbacks are lessened –- substantially
  • Owners are satisfied

We get involved during the design phase, with a keen eye toward verifying that systems, components, schedules, and disciplines coincide for successful installation and performance. And TMCx stays on the job with boots & hard hats, bringing a broad perspective to all the players.

Our job is to help the GC turn over a properly functioning building.


We don’t consider ourselves successful
unless everyone on the project team is successful.

building commissioning

Experienced GC’s consider us Invaluable!