How's Your Bottom Line?




Did You Know?

  • 20% - 30% of commercial buildings have indoor air quality problems - (OSHA Survey)
  • Over half of the complaints stem from inadequately maintained HVAC systems - (OSHA Survey)
  • The average cost of losing a tenant is 35%-42% of their 5-year lease value
  • World market energy consumption is projected to increase by 57% between 2004 and 2030, with the United States remaining the largest consumer, accounting for one half of commercial delivered energy - (Energy Information Administration)
  • "Green Built" buildings bring a 6.6% higher return on your investment - (USGBC)


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The New Construction Tune

Seems like more regulations make it harder and harder for you to build the projects you envision. On top of that, everyone fails to mention the other little irritants that happen regularly, like:

  • "Schedule? What schedule?!"
    (You have tenants moving in or your Grand Opening slated and . . .)
  • "Don’t worry, that can be handled later."
    (You were forced to "temporarily" overlook system deficiencies in order to complete essential building elements prior to occupancy.)
  • "But the inspections and punch lists were done! Why isn’t it working?"
    (No one told you that inspections focus on regulatory occupancy permits and meeting the opening deadline - not your building’s total performance.)
  • "Where is the contractor, anyway?"
    (Finally – substantial completion and occupancy! Time to address those "temporarily" overlooked system deficiencies. . . maybe, or maybe NOT!)

Not sure how to proceed with your Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) for your LEED project?

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The Existing Building Blues

  • Tenants come and tenants go – way too frequently
  • Indoor comfort complaints keep coming
  • Occupants are sick – A LOT
  • Reasonable rent doesn’t cover the rising cost of energy
For Rent

TMCx's Commissioning Solutions
Help Your Bottom Line!

  • Commissioned systems use less energy.
  • Commissioned buildings and equipment retain their value longer than their uncommissioned counterparts.
  • In existing buildings, our commissioning process:
    - Detects present and potential air quality issues
    - Identifies solutions for these issues
    - Documents repairs.
Commissioned equipment:
  • Performs optimally
  • Produces a healthy, comfortable work space
  • Improves production/productivity rates
  • Reduces your downtime.


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