The Vision

Our vision is to lead the building commissioning industry in providing an effectively-managed suite of integrated performance verification solutions, achieved, both internally and externally, through our interdependent core values: 

  • Respectful Behavior
  • Responsiveness
  • Critical Thinking
  • Promoting Trust
  • Accountability
  • Maintaining Integrity
  • Accuracy





A Message from

Mark & Cristi Leafstedt


Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We started TMCx Solutions (TestMarcx) in 1998 exclusively as a professional engineering firm specializing in independent, third-party commissioning. It wasn’t long before we heard our customers asking for even more independent services—ones that complimented commissioning, strengthened and optimized their building systems, and maximized efficient energy usage.

So as the years progressed, we created specialized divisions that met our customers’ needs for life safety system inspections; electrical acceptance; LEED & sustainability consulting; and energy audits, monitoring, and modeling.

In 2008, we revamped our company vision to revolve around sustainability on all levels—internally and externally. For you, that means our “Suite of Solutions” has expanded, as has our dedication to providing you exemplary service. Our vision of sustainability means we really don’t want customers—we want partners. And to accomplish this, we must walk the talk. So we ask our partners how we’re performing for them—throughout the contract period. And we’re training our employees to:

» Listen to all team members
» Respond promptly and appropriately
» Anticipate needs and problems, and proactively address them
» Be resilient and indispensable collaborators

Back in 1998, we had to explain what we did, because commissioning was a cutting-edge idea. Today, commissioning is more common and more competitive—two factors that often create compromise in our industry. But as an industry leader, we believe concessions that impact the integrity of the commissioning process, and dilute outcomes and value for our customers, are not an option.

We’re constantly evaluating and re-vamping our internal way of doing business, not only to be more efficient, but also to cultivate employees who have balanced lives, love their work, and receive continual training so they can be effective members of your project team.

We believe you’ll find our company offers significant solutions to assist you, both in the short term and over the long haul. We hope to have the opportunity to partner with you in the near future.







Cristi Leafstedt, MA








Mark Leafstedt, PE, CxA, EMP