integrity_white.png means we earn your trust:

  • You’ll find we communicate in an unbiased, direct, and fair manner
  • You’ll appreciate our respect for project protocols, teams, and the environment
  • You’ll know our objective, pure and simple, is to help everyone on the team stay focused on meeting the owner’s requirements for the project

involvement_white.png means we respond to your needs:

  • You’ll hear back from us within a day of your call
  • You’ll see how we solve problems as integrated project team members
  • You’ll notice we’re on the job site, not in our office

investigation_white.png means we make sure your building performs like you want it to:

  • You’ll observe precise testing and issues documentation
  • You’ll see we commission with boots and hard hats, not just pen and paper
  • You’ll experience fewer call backs

independence_white.png means you get the industry preferred method of commissioning:

  • You’ll recognize that we have no conflict of interest
  • You’ll find we focus on the successful performance of your buildings
  • You’ll discover the difference our passion for commissioning makes on the outcome of your project!

At the end of your project you’ll know ‘I’ means